Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Recently finished album artwork for WOODS OF DESOLATION's upcoming album "AS THE STARS". The album is set to release on February 14th 2014 by NORTHERN SILENCE PRODUCTIONS. This is the first project in a very long time that required me to hand color an illustration and although there was a slight adjustment at first, i had a lot of fun working on this album cover and am very glad i got to use watercolor again for something. Several current projects im working on require black and white paint, but hopefully it wont be long until another project calls for watercolor. More album info and details as well as a preview track "This Autunm Light" can be found on the Northern Silence website as well as the official Woods Of Desolation Facebook page: /

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  1. is it possible for you to post a version of that without the band logo? I'm not looking to steal it or anything, I just want to add it to my collection of album artworks