Thursday, February 14, 2013

GHOUL comic book!

                                                  (MANIAXE cover art by Jake Karns)

Tankcrimes has recently announced that they will be including a comic book that i illustrated to GHOUL lyrics in the first ever pressing if the legendary album MANIAXE on vinyl. The comic consists of two separate comics, one of the lyrics to Pleasant screams/Forbidden crypts that i did in 2009, and one of the lyrics to the title track MANIAXE that i did late last year. Both songs are two of my favorites off the album, not to mention the homage to PILEDRIVER that ghoul pays in the remastered/re-release of the album in the intro to Pleasant screams. Ill be posting some of the work from the new comic along with detail photos closer to the release date. I am incredibly honored to have any kind of involvement with my favorite album by one of my favorite bands, and it is interesting to have the two comics together and see how my work has changed over the past 4 years.

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